Holiday Shopping

Wrap Up Your Christmas Shopping Now

Stymied by those hard-to-buy-for people on your Christmas list? Before you revert to the safety of socks or slippers, check out these ideas. They could have you enjoying your eggnog sooner rather than later.

The Gift of Time

It seems no one has enough of it anymore. Do you know someone who could use a night out? Why not offer a night of babysitting or pet care? Your time will be appreciated.

How about the gift of maid service, car detailing, or closet organizing for a harried family member? Top it off with a gift card for a spa or a special treatment at Great Lengths, an invitation to coffee, or a subscription to their favourite magazine, and it may just become their favourite present ever! You are sure to hit a sweet spot.

A Touch of Culture

Are you feeling a little culturally deprived? Chances are people on your list are too!  Purchase dual memberships to the theatre or tickets to mutually coveted events, and your gift will do double duty. You will get to spend time with your friends while creating long lasting memories.

The Traveller

Got a friend with wanderlust? How about looking up the hottest restaurant or shoe store near their planned destination? Put the details and some local currency in a map-wrapped package.

Visit Great Lengths to pick up some sample sized shampoos, conditioners, and UV treatments that will help keep your friend’s hair looking great on the road.  Our FarmHouse Fresh products are also great for travel. Your thoughtfulness is sure to be appreciated when they run into the inevitable travel glitch. Looking their best will give them one less thing to worry about.

The Foodie

Have a friend who is crazy about sushi or coq au vin? A family member who can’t boil water? How about a cooking class or two? There are classes for every interest level.

And for those who may not pass a cooking class, don’t forget about Wine of the Month clubs—they can help any meal taste better!

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