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COVID-19 Safety

How Great Lengths Protects Our Clients and Staff

Learn About Our COVID-19 Safety Procedures

Scan or Click the QR Code Below to Fill Our Our COVID Questionnaire

Completion of this form is required prior to every appointment. On completion, show a member of our staff your green checkmark to be admitted to the salon.

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What We Have Been Up To

During previous lockdowns our staff has taken great care to stay motivated and educated by taking a variety of courses to improve our skills, add new techniques to our repertoire, and familiarize ourselves with the very latest trends.

The team has also worked hard to create and implement new safety procedures in order to keep the salon safe for everyone. 

As part of our more recent safety upgrades, we are proud to have added a brand new, top of the line air purifier, which offers huge benefits to everyone who visits the salon.

As always, we continue to follow advisements from the Government closely, and are constantly reviewing guidelines to ensure we are always up to date with the latest requirements, standards, and protocols.

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Safety Always Comes First

If you are sick or not feeling well for any reason, you must reschedule your appointment.

If WE think or feel that a guest is not feeling well, we will as you to reschedule your appointment.

We ask you to please honour our responsibility to keep ourselves and those around us as safe as possible.

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Client Procedures

All guests will be asked to wait in their vehicles, or outside, until they are called or texted to enter the salon. This will limit the number of people in the salon at any one time.

Only guests receiving services will be allowed in the salon (sorry, this means no friends and/or family members will be allowed to accompany the client).

All guests will be required to wear a mask once entering the salon, as well as sanitize their hands, If you do not have a face mask, we will provide one for you for a nominal fee.

Please refrain from touching retail items, stylists, and your face while in the salon. Our stylists will be happy to grab any retail item from our shelves for you if you are interested in purchasing.

All of these procedures are put in place in order to keep the salon safe for our clients and staff. We hope that you will understand.

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Stylist Procedures

Stylists are required to wear necessary PPE, including face masks, shields, gloves, and aprons (which will be changed between appointments).

All stylists will be sanitizing the salon, and their work areas, with high grade sanitizer, salon board certified disinfectants, UV sterilization wands, and our new disinfecting fog machine, between each client and at the beginning and end of each day.

Stylists will not be coming into physical contact with guests unless necessary for the services booked (as much as we love to hug you – we will not be allowed to hug or shake hands during this time).

Stylists will have their temperature taken before the start of each day, and if they are not feeling well they will be asked to go home.

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During Your Appointment

For your safety, we have had to temporarily remove all extra amenities at the salon in order to keep the salon as touch free as possible.

We will no longer be able to serve tea, coffee, cookies, or candies, and have had to remove all iPads previously provided for magazine reading.

All complimentary services including scalp massages and blow drys have also had to stop for the time being.

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Contactless Payment

For everyone’s safety, the salon and stylists will be operating on a cashless stystem for the time being.

We have a touchless system that allows you to use APPLE PAY and contactless credit card payments. Your stylist will cash you out in your chair, pre-book your next appointment, and get any retail items you might need for you.

If this presents a problem for you, just let us know ahead of time so that we can make alternative arrangements.

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Before Your Appointment

Before every appointment, we require that guests fill out a brief health screening questionnaire, in accordance with Government guidelines.

A link to this online questionnaire will be sent to you via email or text message (when possible) before your scheduled appointment, however you may also complete it at any time by visiting the the link below (this is the same link as the QR code at the top of the page):

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Your VIP Rewards Program

Great Lengths Hair Gallery is delighted to introduce our brand new GR8T Rewards VIP Points Program! This program has been created specifically to give back to you, our amazing clients, at a time when every penny saved has the potential to make a huge difference!