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Our Team

Patrick Hupé

Co-Owner / Joico Educator


A graduate of the acclaimed Marvel Beauty School in Toronto, Great Lengths Hair Gallery’s co-owner Patrick Hupé began his hair styling journey at Stouffville’s Headlines Salon and Spa some 27 years ago. It was here that he laid the foundations for what has proven to be a hugely successful career to date.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Patrick’s award-winning career has been punctuated by ongoing further education and personal development, both at home and internationally. A regular at seminars across Canada and beyond, Patrick’s attendance at events held by the late Martin Parsons would lead to him assisting in many of Martin’s training sessions across the GTA.

Always keen to pass on his knowledge, skills and expertise to a new generation of hair stylists, Patrick can often be found educating students at courses, seminars and tradeshows held by JOICO and, previously, RUSK.

As a JOICO educator, a role which he is incredibly passionate about, Patrick proudly shares his experience and knowledge with both new and more experienced hair stylists. Ever eager to further his own professional development, Patrick has also made sure to continue his own education and training, both locally and abroad, always finding time to stay ahead of the industry curve.

Since its launch, Unionville’s Great Lengths Hair Gallery has continued to flourish under Patrick’s co-ownership, winning the award for top hair salon in Unionville/Markham in each of the last 6 years. His level of knowledge and expertise in “Great Lengths” 100% Human Hair Extensions ensures that the salon offers a unique, and much appreciated, service to customers.

He, along with a his talented team, are renowned for using their talents to bring the latest styles and techniques to their long list of regular clients. In fact, a key part of Patrick’s role with Great Lengths Hair Gallery is to ensure each and every member of the salon’s styling staff are up-to-date with the latest products, techniques, styles, and customer service techniques.

There can be no doubt about Patrick’s dedication to hair styling. His knowledge, skill, expertise, and determination to always offer the best service to customers, on top of his passion, motivation, and always cutting-edge fashion sense, continues to prove that he can take anyone to Great Lengths!

  1. I enjoy building things
  2. I know how to speak French
  3. I love working on math problems
  4. My favourite condiment is ketchup
  5. My weakness is french fries/ cheese
  6. Favourite colour is blue
  7. I do not play golf
  8. I don’t like ketchup with french fries

Lisa Hupé



Supported by a solid background in business and customer relations, Lisa brings to the salon her extensive knowledge and experience in providing great customer service.

Lisa is co-owner of Great Lengths Hair Gallery. Her creative edge and innovative skills are shown throughout the salon and various works that she does. Lisa is also responsible for the salon’s customer relations, marketing, merchandising, public relations and community events organization.

As part of her development and education with the hair salon business, Lisa has traveled internationally attending courses, seminars, conventions and hair styling competitions.

  1. I love my coffee… decaf
  2. Fav thing to collect…office supplies
  3. Fav thing to do… spend time with my niece and nephew
  4. Guilty Pleasure… Red Wine and a good charcuterie board
  5. Known for having purple hair!

Jason Gallinger

Salon Manager / Advanced Hair Stylist


Backed by many years of managing a large salon in downtown Toronto, Jason comes to Great Lengths with incredible skill and intuition. His unwavering passion for style and cutting hair is only matched by his moderately unhealthy love of KISS.

Like, the band… platform shoes, face paint… you know.

Because of this obsession, we’ve also dubbed him the curator and manager of the salon’s music collection.

Jason, known for his great conversation and wide range of knowledge on all topics is also known as the salon’s own WIKIPEDIA.

Currently Jason is continuing his education and updating his skills on all things hair.  Jason is driven to keep up with the latest trends and hair techniques to provide his clients the very best service.

  1. I’ve read the Bible, Quran, and Bhagavad Gita in their entirety
  2. I’m lactose intolerant but I’ll still eat an extra cheese pizza
  3.  I blow-dry left handed even though I’m a righty
  4. My first rock concert was KISS in 1979
  5. Ive been a Beatles fan for 45 years
  6. My childhood obsessions were Star Wars, KISS and Hammer Monsters
  7. I’m an Aries
  8. Favourite colour is black
  9. I’m afraid of heights
  10. I’m a little OCD
  11. I’ve never watched the Sound of Music
  12. I hate seafood and eggs
  13. I like the smell of gasoline, bacon, markers and skunk
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