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GR8T Rewards

Welcome to Our New VIP Points Program

Earn Points on Every Dollar You Spend With GR8T Rewards!

Giving back

Great Lengths Hair Gallery is delighted to introduce our brand new GR8T Rewards VIP Points Program! This program has been created specifically to give back to you, our amazing clients, at a time when every penny saved can make a big difference!

What Is It?

GR8T Rewards is a program that lets you earn points back on the purchases you make here at Great Lengths Hair Gallery. For every dollar you spend in the salon, you’ll be earning a minimum of 10 points, which can then be redeemed against future purchases (a minimum of 10,000 points is required to receive $10 off).

How Does It Work?

The beauty of the GR8T Rewards program is that it all happens automatically! There’s no card required (you’re welcome, environment), and your points are added to your account automatically when you visit the salon.

For every $1 you spend on services you’ll receive 10 points, and for every $1 spent on retail products you’ll earn 20 points!

In addition to your spending in the salon, we’ve also got a ton of ways that you can BOOST your earning potential! For example, you can right away avail of the following boosters:

• Earn 5,000 points as a “Welcome” bonus
• Earn 20,000 points for every confirmed referral
• Earn 2,500 points on your birthday
• Earn 500 points for pre-booking an appointment
• Earn 1,000 points for providing us with a testimonial
• Earn 500 points for tagging @glhgmarkham on social media
• Earn 1,000 points for every gift card purchase

You can also keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook pages (as well as right here on our website) to learn about other great ways to maximize your GR8T points!


Do I need a card? 
No card needed – saving the planet one card at a time

How do I check my balance? 
You can ask your stylist at anytime or check your receipt as the balance will show up there. 

Is there a minimum I can redeem? 
10,000 points to get $10

Is there a maximum I can redeem? 
$500 is the maximum you can redeem at one time

Can I share with my family?
You can gift your points to family members/share with them – yes!

How can I maximize my points?
1. Take advantage of in salon offers
2. Take advantage of online offers
3. Referrals*
4. Tag us in your social media posts*
5. Purchase Gift Cards over $50
6. Pre-booking your appointments*
7. Provide a client testimonial*

Can I get points on redeemed points?
You only get points on amounts paid and not redeemed

Terms & Conditions
*Gift card can not be used same day as purchase
*You must create a post on your page on social media that highlights/focuses on your hair and tags @glghmarkham 
*Pre-booked appointments can not be cancelled or loss of points will occur 
*Show proof of testimonials you have posted online ie: google, yelp, FB, Insta and earn points 
*The referring client receives points when the referred client’s service is complete and the transaction is finalized
*Pre-Booking: The client must first book and purchase a service, the service must be rung up, and the transaction must be complete. Then the client must book another appointment within the same day (rebook). The client received the configured amount of points when the pre-booked appointment is rung up and the transaction is completed.
* Points expire after 24 months