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Pony Tail Tales: 13 Interesting Hair Facts

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Pony Tail Tales: 13 Interesting Hair Facts

We all have the occasional bad hair day!

Here is some hair trivia that will give you a new appreciation for hair, no matter where it is on your body or how badly it’s behaving!

  • If strands of hair were dollar bills, people with naturally blonde hair would beat everyone else to the bank. They average about 150,000 strands per head while everyone else falls closer to an average of 100,000.
  • A single lock of Elvis Presley’s hair was sold for $115,000 in 2002. It had been kept by his personal barber in a bread bag.
  • We lose between 50 and 100 strands of hair every day without really noticing it.
  • Black is the most common hair colour in the world.
  • Wet hair can stretch up to an additional 50% of its length before springing back; dry hair about 20%. If your hair appears to be either too brittle or to have too much elasticity, consider doing a hair stretch test at home. If your results fall too far outside the suggested healthy parameters, talk to a hair professional at Great Lengths about potential treatments to get your hair back into shape.
  • Someone who has never cut their hair is called an acersecomic.
  • While today’s redheads may tend to avoid sunlight more than the rest of us, ancient Greeks believed that redheads actually became vampires after they died.
  • Compared to our hairy cousins the apes, our bodies appear to be hairless. The truth is, we actually have as much hair as apes do–it is just finer and shorter.
  • Having hair on our body serves as both a warning and protection from biting insects. Our hair allows us to sense them on our skin more readily, and navigating through hair makes it more difficult for insects to find a good place to bite!
  • Facial hair grows faster than hair anywhere else on our body. That is why many men must shave every day.
  • Tweeze carefully! Over-plucked eyebrows can take up to a year to fully grow back. Aside from revealing our emotions with their movements, they also protect our eyes from rain, dirt, and sweat.
  • Your hair grows faster in warmer climates.
  • Despite what various crime shows may suggest, gender cannot be determined via a strand of hair.

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