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Skin Vacation

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Skin Vacation

The 5-Minute Skincation

Ever look at a picture of yourself on vacation, looking and feeling great, and wish you were back there? Who wouldn’t want to exchange a few moments in a stressful day for a warm sandy beach, a campsite with friends, or sipping an espresso on a balcony in Tuscany?

What if we could vacation and fight stress and ageing skin in just a few minutes a day, without going anywhere?

We all have some place we love or a place we would love to go to. When we think about those places, our stress levels change. Our mind becomes clear of troubling thoughts, we breathe deeper, and our muscles relax. We even look better!

When we access those positive memories, we release stress and our whole body relaxes.

The great news for our skin is that de-stressing actually slows down the ageing process:

  • Deep furrows around our eyes and mouth can be permanently softened.
  • Circulation improves and oxygen levels increase, improving skin tone and texture.
  • Incidents of dark spots and thinning skin diminish as adrenaline and cortisol levels decrease.
  • Improved sleep helps skin’s nightly renewal process return to normal.

With its myriad benefits and minimal time commitment, it makes sense to incorporate a “skincation” into your routine. It’s easy to do:

  1. Find a comfortable position.
  2. Set a timer for 5 minutes. You’ll need it. It can be easy to relax too much and fall asleep!
  3. Relax your breathing.
  4. Focus on the most memorable sights, sounds, scents, and feelings from one of your favourite places. That’s it!

Once you have incorporated a 5-minute break into your routine, your mind will be ready to take you on your skincation wherever and whenever you want.

Scented candles, aromatic spices, favourite songs, or looking at photos before you close your eyes to relax can get you there faster and provide you with a more authentic experience. Keeping a couple of your favourite memory triggers in your purse or desk drawer allows you to grab those spontaneous ‘travel’ opportunities as they arise.

Like anything, perfecting skincations takes practice. But practice is half the fun. Just be prepared to tell people why you look so good!

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