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Turn Waiting Into Time Well Spent

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Turn Waiting Into Time Well Spent

It’s happened to all of us. You show up to an appointment and the professional you are supposed to see has gotten behind in their schedule through no fault of their own. Or maybe you arrived early because the traffic jam you feared never materialized. You could stare at the wall until your name is called, or you could learn how to effectively play the waiting game and use your time efficiently.

The next time you find yourself waiting in our lounge or twiddling your thumbs while your perfect blend of highlights and lowlights sets, try practising one of these productive waiting techniques to help optimize your time.

  • Update Your Phone or Tablet
    Use the time to clean up your inbox, update your calendar, or sort and delete photos.
  • Exercise
    Find some easy-to-do sitting exercises , like neck circles and shoulder rolls. Memorize them and use them frequently. They’ll help to keep you limber.
  • Pull Out Your Bucket List
    Remind yourself of your accomplishments and of what is yet to come. Use waiting room magazines as inspiration to update or to add to your list.
  • Write a Letter
    Always keep addresses of seniors or shut-ins that you know on hand. A note card and stamped envelope take up little room in your bag, and you’ll make someone’s day.
  • Listen to a Podcast on Your Phone
    Use your phone or tablet as a tool to learn something while you wait.
  • People Watch
    Check out what people are wearing and doing. Think about how you may appear to the people who are watching you. You may find your next new look. Remember to smile when your eyes meet!
  • Check Out Our Other Services
    Do you know about our latest monthly deal? Did you even know we have monthly deals? How about our amazing referral program? Check out our brochure or ask us—we’re only too happy to help you reap the benefits of our ongoing specials and latest promos.
  • Check Out the Magazines
    Expand your interests. Read magazines that you don’t subscribe to or wouldn’t normally buy.
  • Make A Grocery List or Meal Plan
    Use the time to create a grocery list and meal plan for the week. Use recipes found in magazines to rouse your taste buds.
  • Clean Your Purse
    Do you really need 12 pens, a pair of socks, and 2 used tissues taking up space in your bag?!
  • Read
    Pull that paperback out of your bag or switch on your Kindle. Fifteen minutes of losing yourself in a story can be incredibly calming. And don’t forget to check out what other people are reading!
  • Savour a Flavour
    Got a chocolate covered caramel or cherry gummy in your purse? Take the time to really savour the flavour. You can always inhale the next one!
  • Meditate
    Take a step back from the action. Take advantage of having nothing to do. Relax. Breathe. It can change your perspective.

When done well, waiting may become your new favourite ‘activity’!

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