Facial Tapping

Tap Your Face for Toe Tapping Results!

Facial or finger tapping has recently been described as one of the newest treatments for ageing skin. However, there are many who argue that tapping and applying pressure to points on the face is a proven therapy that has been around for hundreds of years. Either way, physical stimulation of the face produces visible results in a very short period of time.

You can choose to visit a facial tapping specialist or a reflexologist who practices finger tapping. You can also achieve significant results by practicing at home once you’ve got the method down pat. No pun intended.

Proponents say major evidence of skin tightening, improved skin tone, as well as a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, is apparent after four weeks of tapping for just five minutes a day.

Stimulating the skin with pressure improves blood circulation, which in turn addresses the key factors affecting the health of our skin.

Just five minutes a day of regular tapping:

  • helps our skin absorb necessary nutrients;
  • encourages lymph drainage which helps eliminate the damage from free radicals;
  • enhances our skin’s ability to breathe by improving the flow of oxygen;
  • plumps the face and smoothes wrinkles by stimulating collagen production;
  • normalizes the activity of oil and sweat glands.

Tapping is relaxing and refreshing, but the really good news is, you are likely to experience other positive benefits as well. Many people report fewer headaches, better sleep, and an increased sense of calmness, to name just a few of the overall improvements they felt.

Five minutes a day to look good and feel better all over? That should get your toes tapping!




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