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Top Choice Winners & Our 20th Anniversary

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Top Choice Winners & Our 20th Anniversary

After a less than spectacular 2020 for pretty much everyone living on planet Earth, everyone had much higher hopes for 2021 – and while things may not quite have improved as quickly as we would all have liked, they do look like turning around at long last!

2021 is a special year for everyone here at Great Lengths Hair Gallery. Firstly, it’s our 20 Year Anniversary this year! Where does the time go??

But perhaps even more special than that, is the fact that we are absolutely delighted to have been voted your Top Choice Hair Salon for Markham/Unionville again, making it an astonishing 6 years running!

Given that this is an award voted for by you, our community and our customers, it’s always an indescribable feeling to know how much you guys love us! And the feeling is most certainly mutual! There’s absolutely no way we could ever have made it to 20 years (yes, TWO FULL DECADES) without your love, support, and patronage.

As is always the case here at Great Lengths, we’re going to continue to grow and improve as hair stylists and business owners. It’s our goal to ensure that you receive only the best at the salon, and while awards are definitely incredible to win, we’re always striving to be the absolute best we can which means constant ongoing training, education, and staying on the very cutting edge of hair styling!

Thank you so much to everyone who has walked through our doors over the past 20 years – we look forward to the next 20!

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